Thank you to everyone who helped us make FRSHWV 2023 a success!

The success of FRSHWV Teen Tech and Music Festival would not have been possible without our sponsors, presenters, performers, volunteers, and guests. Your support enabled us to gather an exceptional line-up of speakers, organize inspiring workshops, and provide valuable resources designed specifically for the working artist in mind. The invaluable opportunities you have helped create have certainly ignited fresh waves of innovation and creativity among our participants.

FRSHWV FESTIVAL WORLD: The Quest For Knowledge

The player starts the game by logging into their account and creating their avatar. They are then transported to the metaverse space where they will begin their scavenger hunt. The player is given a list of characters to interact with and mini-missions to complete. Each mini-mission is related to one of the following topics: tech, culture, blockchain, artificial intelligence, sustainability in urban cities, closing the digital divide, and social justice.


Welcome to the ‘FRSWV FRIDAYS’ podcast, where we discuss everything related to Web3 education for middle to high school students. Join us every Friday as we explore the world of decentralized technologies, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, and how they are shaping the future of our society. 

Just A Few Words

About The FRSHWV

Inspired by SXSW, TED Talks, and Comic Con; the Freshwave (FRSHWV™) Teen Music & Tech Festival is a youth-centered experience designed to inspire and excite. It is a playground for young music lovers, creatives, and tech/gaming enthusiasts. FRSHWV™ is launching a kick-off event at Philly Tech Week 2023 with plans to expand our reach across the Philadelphia region.

At FRSHWV, we believe that music and entertainment are powerful tools for engaging and inspiring young people. We also believe that the rapid pace of technological change presents unique challenges and opportunities for the next generation. That’s why we’re committed to providing students with a hands-on, immersive learning experience that prepares them for careers in these exciting and rapidly evolving industries.
 With the help of experts in the field and the latest in web3 technology and social media tools, students will learn about everything from music production and recording techniques to marketing and brand development. Our innovative curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the music and entertainment industries and to inspire them to explore new and exciting career paths.

We’re confident that FRSHWV will be a game-changer in education, and we’re eager to work with investors who share our passion and vision. With your support, we can provide students in the Philadelphia Region with the education they need to succeed in the music and entertainment industries, and to make a lasting impact on their communities and the world